Friday, January 13, 2012


LINGERIE:  Fashionable and possibly alluring undergarmets.

 I love lingerie , I know, I know, it's actually a french word which refers to ALL undergarments, but let's use the English meaning of "fashionable and possibly alluring", because it's so much more fun.

Luckily we live in a time when our undergarments don't so closely resemble torture devices.  Today's lingerie is meant to be seen, if only by our significant other, and therefore sexy on it's own.  The lingerie of yesteryear was meant to create curves where there were none, or mask curves where they were abundant, thus making women "fashionable and possibly alluring" when their clothes were on.  Big difference!

During the 1950's women and teens wore girdles and slips (or petticoats) everyday.  Curves were deemed mandatory for catching a man, who hopefully became a husband.  Girdles were rigid, although thanks to the use of plastics,  not as rigid as previous decades when they were still made with whale bones or steel.  Petticoats were horrible, itchy things that were "starched" with sugar and water and hung to dry.  Then there was the bullet bra.  Actually the bullet bra was an architectural marvel, made with sewn concentric circles making the cups cone shaped, which didn't require padding or wires.  The problem with the bullet bra was that is you didn't quite fill it out, you had to stuff the tips....not good.

Thankfully in the 1960's the girdle gave way to control top panty hose and the bullet bra was replaced with padded bras or underwire bras.  Yay!

"If God wanted us to be naked why did he invent sexy lingerie?"  Shanon Doherty

"You should spend your money on some nice lingerie.  You have to feel sexy."  Heidi Klum

"If you are wearing lingerie that makes you feel glamorous, you are half way there to turning heads."  Elle McPherson

                                                                 Modern interpretation.

"Lingerie has come out of the closet."  Monica Mitro

"Brevity is the soul of lingerie."  Dorothy Parker

"If you are a person who is classy, elegant, and modest, then the lingerie you wear is going to complement that."  Latoya Jones

What's your opinion of lingerie?  Do you think it would be fun to go back to girdles and bullet bras? Only occasionally?  

Have a beautiful weekend everybody...and join us next week for a new muse.

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Leslie R. said...

I love lingerie, especially vintage. No girdles for me though!

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