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 Braxton and I were talking over the know batting around ideas for the blog, as people do...and he came up with a great one.  This week will be the first in an occasional series titled design heroes.  B and I have so many design designers, interior designers, furniture designers, architects and artists, we thought we'd share them with you.
Who better to start off the series than mans man, ladies man, man about town, Mr. Tom Ford!
This may in fact be the most beautiful dress in the world.  I dream about this dress.
 Let's begin with a few basic facts, so we're all up to speed. 
Tom Ford was born in 1961 in Texas.  His family moved to Santa Fe N.M. when Tom was 11 and he lived there until going off to college in New York.  He studied art history at NYU then later received a degree in interior architecture from Parsons.  While a student in NYC he became a regular at the famed studio 54, where he met Andy Warhol and fell under the spell of all things glamorous and glitzy, he also discovered he was gay.
While pursuing his degree in architecture, he developed a passion for fashion and decided this was the world in which he belonged.  His first job was with American designer Cathy Hardwick, who later said that when he made the appointment for a interview she had no intention of hiring him, but when she asked "who is your favorite designer" Ford answered "Armani".  Apparently that, and that beautiful face of his, was all it took.  Hardwick later asked TF why he answered "Armani" and he replied "because that was who you were wearing". Duh.
If you are at all aware of Tom Ford, you probably know he made his mark at the design house of Gucci, where he took a failing leather goods company and made it a tremendous success before leaving in 2004 due to "creative differences".
In 2005 he returned to fashion under the label Tom Ford,  and in 2009 under his own production label Fade to Black,  he directed the Oscar Nominated film A Single Man.  Seriously if you have not seen this film , you really must.  It's so insanely beautiful and well acted, you'll never regret it.  Braxton wrote about it here.
Catherine's thinking....Prince William who?

 When I was asked as a child what I wanted to be, I'd say "I want to be rich, I want to be famous, I want to be in the big city, I want to have a fabulous life"  All I've done my entire life is fulfill my destiny.
Yep, he even started his own cosmetics line.  Anyone tried it yet?

Seriously, you must.
 I am not a person who is about reality.  I am about enhanced reality.
Let's visit Mr. Fords home this week.  Aside:  apparently when he turned 50 he decided he wanted to be called "Mr. Ford".  Can you do that?

Let's talk about his famously cheeky ads.
 At home, off-duty, I wear t-shirts from Fruit of the Loom - but I have them tailored.
And of course his menswear collections.
 There are some fabulously irreverent interviews of Tom Ford I'd love to share with you.  Seriously, the man is infinitely quotable, oh and what the hell, let's see a fashion show or two.
Who's on board?  What do you admire most about Tom Ford?  His fashion?  Cosmetics? Work ethic?  Gorgeousness?  Let's talk.

Have a beautiful day.

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