Friday, January 27, 2012


Tom Ford:  Screenwriter and Director of  A Single Man

Just in case you've been wondering, this week, what on earth Tom Ford has to do with the Mid Century Design that Braxton and I love so much...I'm about to show you.
I've mentioned it so  many times now, I do apologize, but you really must see A Single Man.  There, I said it.  Again. 
Colin Firth stars as George, a college professor recently relocated to America from England, and Julianna Moore stars as Charlie, George's needy (and probably alcoholic) friend and neighbor.
The real stars of the movie, however, are George and Charlies houses, both of which are mid century marvels.  Let's look.
George's house is a real house, not a set, and it also happens to be on the market (just in case you have a spare couple of  million laying around).  Designed by John Lautner and built in beautiful!

Most of these pictures were taken from the real estate listing, which explains the sparseness.  Look at these gorgeous shelves, which are seen throughout the house.  Yes, it's quite dark, but that's typical of this design.

Now check out the kitchen after Mr. Ford got hold of it.  Better right?

Also from the listing.  Love the two sided fireplace.

I'm not quite sure what's going on above the bed here. 

Sky lights or actual lights?

I don't believe this second bedroom was ever shown in the movie.  Check out the amazing detail of the ceiling and how it extends beyond the room to the outdoors.

This has to be the best feature of the house.  Imagine an entire wall of swinging glass doors.  I'm in love.

The master bedroom in the movie.  Notice the lights above the bed (three pictures back) are not shown.

 The following pictures are of Charlies house.  While his house was extremely dark and masculine, hers is light and all feminine Hollywood glam.
Don't you sit in a white fur chair to put on your makeup? 

Oh my, I do so love this curved sofa.  So sexy and fun.

Love this painting over the perfectly simple fireplace.

 The following picture is of Charlies entrance room.  Seriously, you walk in the door then walk through a hall with orange trees along each wall, in order to get to the living room.  I have to go lie down, I just can't take it any more!
BTW:  I should mention that A Single Man is based on a Christopher Isherwood novel by the same name.
Wishing you all a swoon worthy weekend.


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I saw some doors like those in a recent HGTV program....they really are cool. I do like the houses better than the furniture. Mary Kay had a friend in high school that lived in a really cool upscale mid-century house. I remember a roundish sofa like that on the old Dick Van Dyke show --- lots if MCM on that show. I think those are real lights above the bed. What do you think?

Braxton and Yancey said...

After looking again, and again, I agree those must be real light....and I really don't like them. But I do/did love that sofa on the dick van dyke show!

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