Friday, February 10, 2012


 When we first decided to do red muse week leading up to valentines day, I wanted to end the week with unconventionally romantic images.  None of these pictures are blatantly sexy or romantic, but each one speaks to me in a quiet, lovely way.
I stopped coloring my hair years ago, but back when it was still chemically dependent, I was briefly a redhead.  Not quite this red, but I thought I was pretty bad ass anyway.

After our daughters visited Switzerland they told us that all the park benches were painted bright red.

Every house I lived in as a child had a red front door....a sentimental favorite still.

Where ever she'd headed in those bright red shoes, she's bound to have fun!

I've yet to find the perfect red lipstick...but I'll never give up the quest.

I wouldn't want this in my house, but I would love to visit this hotel.

I promised you the story of  Christian Louboutin's famous red sole.  It turns out Mr. Louboutin was working in his studio, when he determined that the pair of shoes he had just designed was "too boring".  He looked around and saw an assistance painting her nails bright red...he took the bottle of polish and painted the soles of the shoes with it.  History was made that day.

Okay, so I guess you'd have to say this one is blatantly sexy.  Does anyone know if this is a movie poster or a book jacket?  Because "Passion Has Red Lips"  certainly deserves to be seen or read.

Some say that red is overly stimulating for a bedroom, but this is just too good.

I must apologize again for yesterdays rant.  You may notice I have deleted it, because you guys deserve better.  I've (hopefully) worked out my technical difficulties...and will carry on.

Have a sexy Valentines weekend everyone!

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