Monday, February 27, 2012


 My choice of pattern as this weeks muse is one I'm particularly excited about.  Braxton and I are embarking on a new project, one that requires me to learn all that I can about textile design and production.  With the scope of this project and it's steep learning curve, I will need more time to focus, meaning I'll be blogging a little less...for now.

I promise to take you all along on the ride when I can...but for now I must keep it under wraps.  Oh how I love being mysterious!

Now, on to textile designer extraordinaire....Florence Broadhurst.

Ms. Broadhurst was an Australian, born in Queensland, who reinvented herself many times through out her life.  She was at times an actress, director, model, singer, world traveler..then at the age of 60 (yes, 60!) she went back to Australia and began a textile business.  
Florence was mysteriously murdered in her office in 1977, a crime which has never been solved.
 Florence Broadhurst created hundreds of luxuriously colorful and bold patters, often printed on transparent mylars, foils and metallic papers.  She considered her work "vigorous designs for modern living".

 The Kate Spade company has recently reissued some of Ms. Broadhurst's prints on clothes and home goods, even redecorating many KS stores in her signature black and white prints.
"Florence Broadhurst's prints were far ahead of their time", says Deborah Lloyd, creative director of Kate Spade.

 After being out of circulation for almost 20 years, Florence Broadhurst prints are being reissued by "Signature Prints" and sold through out the United States.

Florence Broadhurst Concept Store in Brisbane Australia.

I absolute have to have this now.  Isn't the cover to die beautiful?

She hand painted her designs which were then hand screen printed, which is how "Signature Prints" is producing them wonderful is that?

Florence at her light box.

How great is this movie poster?  Must see.
 Thank you Florence Broadhurst...I am so very inspired!
Random:  Braxton and I saw "The Artist" over the weekend.  Seriously, treat yourself, you won't be sorry.  It's completely charming, and the period (late 20's/early 30's) fashion and decor is fantastic!  Love love love.

Have a beautiful day 

BTW:  What do you guys think of Florence Broadhurst?  Isn't she wonderful...I'm pretty sure I want to be her when I grow up...of course apart from the mysterious murder.

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