Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Frozen Suburbia - AcornHill on Ice without Power

Braxton and Yancey about 2:00 this AM 
I'll nnnnnneverrrr forrrrrgettttt yyyyyou Yancey

And so, we had 10 inches of snow. And a ginormous pine tree fell on our house at AcornHill. And then the power went out. And it's still out.

So, my Darling Yancey is not only without means to blog today, she is also shivering at home, waiting for the power to come back on again. Dare to dream...

I suggested she go to our new beautiful library so conveniently located in our neighborhood and warm up, drink some hot beverages and blog. But nope, she wants to stay is frozen suburbia, and go down with the frozen ship.

Having spent most of the day yesterday chopping down a tree, and missing my day job [ well, not exactly missing it, Bob :)  ], I've got to catch up at work, no time really for pitching in with a great Suburban post. Sorry. Emergency code BLUE operation today.

Instead I'll share a few pictures of our frozen and beloved home as we wait for the power company to restore juice to our domicile. It was supposed to be on by 11:00 last night. Called again, will be on by 11:00 tonight. Like I can count on that, bub!

Anyway, here are some pics of AcornHill, frozen...

AcornHill without power for 24 hours

AcornHill, cozy after 24 hours without electricity-
thank you Appalachian Power!

Can't even watch the freakin' Boob Tube

No showers, no hot meals, no heat, no hot water to shave, no lights...

Braxton surprised to find out his heart has frozen with 20 degree temperatures last night and no heat

Braxton's frozen heart gives him a bad attitude and a wicked idea of how to get the power restored and thaw his icy heart

Braxton venting : )

Actually, I am a pacifist (on most days) and know the power company is doing what it can. God bless you Appalachian Power, and get the hell back to work : )
Braxton needs a hot meal and a hot shower!

I hope you, my friends are much warmer. Thanks for visiting our blog. With any luck, my beloved Yancey will be back to blogging tomorrow.
Shine On! Braxton

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