Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Our trip to downtown Roanoke Virginia

Azaleas on the grounds of the beautiful Hotel Roanoke.

The pedestrian bridge that connects the hotel with downtown.

Inside the pedestrian bridge, which by the way was quite controversial due to the modern architecture, but how else are you going to get across those railroad tracks?

The gorgeous fish tanks in the lobby of  Center in the Square, which houses a science museum, butterfly garden, African American history museum and lots more.

View from the roof of Center in the Square.  It's a little scary up here on a windy day y'all.

Every city needs a mountain view!

Oh my God the controversy over this one!  The Taubman museum of art.  "It looks like an airplane landed in the middle of downtown."  People are so funny.  It's free, check it out y'all.

Not a windy day, but I'm still holding on!

Elmwood Park.  Hard to see the row of fountains.  I love this!

Random handsome man who insisted on taking me to lunch.  I said "yes".

Random handsome man has very good taste.  We had bbq at Billy's.
Braxton and I have had the privilege of living in Roanoke Virginia for over 25 years.  We raised our girls here, bought a house here, and have walked this city  many times over.

Roanoke is not an especially old city, it dates back to Civil War era. There are no colonial era buildings which we love so much, but then that's what Williamsburg is for, right?
What Roanoke does have is an excellent school system, great health care, healthy economy and it's smack dab in the valley surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains.  

Roanoke is the largest city in southwest Virginia and no it is not the lost colony.
Probably the biggest complaint we hear about the area is that is it hell for people with allergies.  We are surrounded by trees, lots of trees, which produce a ton of pollen.  Seriously, people have left the area because their allergies just couldn't take it.

Anyone coming for a visit?  I'll be happy to answer any questions.


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