Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Our trip to Mill Mountain in Roanoke Virginia

The view of downtown Roanoke from the Mill Mountain Star overlook.
 I have heard it said that Mill Mountain is the only mountain in America that resides within city limits.  I cannot confirm this, but let's just say it's true.  I can confirm that the views from the overlook are spectacular.
Mill Mountain is not only home to The Roanoke Star but there is also a small zoo, flower gardens, several hiking and biking trails and plenty of picnic spots.
Roanoke viewed from another direction.

Atop Mill Mountain sits The Roanoke Star, the largest man made star in the world.  Hence Roanoke's nick name The Star City of the South.

Some rather eerie stone stairs along the hike up Mill Mountain.  Why are they there?

Braxton and I love to walk the paved road up the mountain.  Years ago this was the only way to get to the Mill Mountain Zoo by car.  Now the road is closed to traffic unless you  happen to live in the gorgeous stone house that sits half way up the mountain.

Another spectacular view from the overlook.
Y'all come for a visit!


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