Monday, July 10, 2017

How to care for your clothes

I hate to start with a disclaimer, but......the following is not exactly the final word in keeping  ones wardrobe presentable. I am simply sharing a few tips and hints that have worked for me over the years.  Please use common sense and always consult the washing label inside your garment.  That being said, I do actually have years of experience doing laundry!

Onto the tips:

*  Before putting your clothes in the clothes hamper, turn each item inside out.

*If an item is stained try to wash it immediately.  This is especially important for perspiration/ deodorant stains. Yellow underarm stains are less likely if you wash right away.

*Every item does not need to be washed after every wearing.  Washing machines are hard on your clothes.  Sometimes all an item needs is a good airing.  Use good judgement here.

*  If an item is especially dear, consider allowing it to air dry rather than put in the electric dryer.  The heat and aggitation caused by a dryer is really hard on your clothes.  If you decide to air dry an item turn it right side out before hanging.

* If an item is heavy, (sweaters) or especially delicate (underthings), it's a better idea to lay it flat rather than hang on a hanger in order to maintain it's shape.

Let's talk about dry cleaning.  I try to avoid it for most things but there are a few fabrics (leather and fur) which are best left to professionals.  Also, if you own an item that is really very precious to you and are wanting to keep it forever, I would seek professional advice on how best to clean.  I also have most outer garments such as coats and jackets dry cleaned.

Two ways I avoid dry cleaning:
* Whenever possible I buy 100 percent cotton items which clearly state on the label that they are machine washable.

* The hand wash cycle on my washing machine.
I doubt every machine has this option, and I'll admit it took me quite awhile to trust it, but I have had really good luck so far.  Definitely turn the item inside out, use a mild detergent meant for hand washing, and most importantly DO NOT put in the dryer.

Every item of clothing, from a nice dress to a cheap t-shirt, will benefit from ironing, it makes everything look nicer.  If you take an hour a week to iron you can avoid that moment when the one thing you want to wear is the one thing that's wrinkeled.  No fun.

Ironing doesn't take much skill but you will get better with practice.  A steam iron is best for that super crisp look.  No need for starch, in fact it will clog the steam vents over time.  If you are living in a dorm room I suggest a small sized ironing board.  We've all ironed on the bed in a pinch but a ironing board is necessary if you want you clothes to look great.

Definitely follow the guidelines for your iron.  You do not want to iron a delicate fabric (silk) on the cotton setting! It seems unnecessary to say but....never leave a iron laying face down on a garment.  It will burn.

The crazy symbols on the tag?  They are important!  Google and print a guide for your laundry room, it will save you a lot of guesswork.

How you choose to store your clothes is really a matter of preference.  However, once you have taken the time to iron a garment you will probably want to hang it up.  No need for expensive hangers, but your clothes deserve better than those thin wire ones.  Buy yourself some thick plastic hangers, your clothes will thank you.

If you would like more of these helpful hints please let me know.  I'm here for ya.



Regine Karpel said...

Great post.

Braxton and Yancey said...

Thank you dear and thanks for stopping by.

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