Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Why we love Colonial Williamsburg.

Definitely check out Pierce's Pitt Barbecue.  It's the best I've ever had and I know a few things about good bbq.
Braxton and I had the pleasure of living in Williamsburg Virginia for the first year of our marriage while he was finishing his studies at the College of William and Mary.  Years later, our youngest went to W&M, and we rediscovered our love for it and have been regulars ever since.  I'm going to keep this post photo heavy, but if you have any questions about traveling to W'burg.....where to stay, where to eat, what to do...I'm here for ya!  

Get off the beaten path.  The last time we were there we went the length of Duke of Gloucester Street by walking only through the gardens.  Every garden is fenced with a gate to the next garden so you can avoid the tourists on DOG street and enjoy the beautifully tended landscapes.

Williamsburg is considered a "living museum" which means there are costumed actors who drive the carriages, work in the shops and taverns, or just stroll down the street ready to answer any questions.  Definitely photo ops galore.

The cemetery at Bruton Parish Church.

Everywhere you look there are charmingly tiny houses with the prettiest gardens.  If anyone is interested in the small house movement (B and I sure are) there is so much inspiration here.

Sheep, horses, and oxen, oh my!

This room, at the Williamsburg Inn, was apparently not part of the recent renovation.  Whew.

So much brick here!

The lovely gates which lead from one garden to the next.

The Christopher Wren building on the campus of William and Mary.  There is some question as to weather or not Sir Wren actually designed this beautiful building but it's definitely a favorite of mine.

A gorgeous colonial staircase in the Wren building.  I'm not certain every tourist knows that this building is open to the public.  They still have classes here but it's perfectly acceptable to quietly explore.

Our stay in CW always includes drinks and snacks in the bar at the Williamsburg Inn.

Prior to the recent renovation the bar had a clubby feel.  The furniture was upholstered in the most buttery soft leather, the walls were dark, there was no wallpaper and the room was lined with beautiful architectural drawings.  Here it is post renovation.  Hmmmm.

The lobby of the Inn where they seem to have redistributed some of the old portraits and art work.
Thanks for sticking with me.  It was definitely a long post.  Y'all really need to come visit colonial Williamsburg Virginia.  Any questions?


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