Thursday, December 9, 2010

Compare and contrast

So, as Braxton and I were getting into bed last night he began to move the two magazines over to the side table.  Wait, what have we here?  A lovely excuse to analyze the hell out of something, not that we need any excuse. 

Lets take a look see.  First we have Glamour.  Pretty girl in a pretty dress, white background, and OMG it's "the happy issue!"  Looks like fun, especially given that it's the January issue and it's cold as hell here and who doesn't love a pink dress?

Now , on to zine #2 Elle Decor.  I do love me some Elle Decor as evidenced by the mailing label, buuut, this just isn't working for me.  First of all the room is pretty but cold and all that wood paneling just reminds me of camp, and not in a good way.  Also, as mentioned before, it's the January issue and in January I want to see something hopeful, something that reminds me that spring is coming, something happy.

Is it wrong to judge a book magazine by it's cover?  Which one would you buy off the rack?

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