Monday, January 17, 2011

anniversary weekend (celebrated)

You know how some calenders will say something like Jan. 15th Martin Luther King's birthday then on the nearest Monday it will say MLK's birthday (celebrated) ?  Well, that's how it worked with our anniversary this year.  This past weekend we went thrifting and lunching, two of our favorite things, to celebrate, even though our anniversary was actually Jan. 8th.

First stop; our new favorite consignment store, where I had a conversation with myself that went something like this;  "woman, both of your daughters are accomplished artists, what the hell are you thinking?"
 If I needed one, this would be my desk of choice.
 Cute pineapple bowls.  A whole set of six, and all in perfect shape.
 This would be perfect on my new dining room table.
 This beauty (it's a lamp in case you can't tell) was sitting on the counter marked SOLD.  We were tempted to walk around the store loudly remarking about that ugly lamp on the counter in hopes the buyers would change their mind.  But alas.
Next stop; lunch.
 When he was in high school, Braxton actually worked here.  I believe he washed dishes and worked the buffet line.  Good times. 
 The inside is a tiki paradise.
 Kitch, anyone?
 Look what followed me home.
 I was right, it is perfect on my table.
btw; the sticker on the bottom of the pineapple bowl says "monkey pod wood".  Monkey pod wood, really?

Anyway, we had a great weekend - happy anniversary sweetie!

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