Monday, January 17, 2011

Futuristic Interior Design - The Jetsons Style Meets 2011!

Mid-Century Futurism - a hopeful, optimistic outlook.

Post WWII America enjoyed a new affluence with the education of soldiers under the G.I. Bill, and a growing middle class.

The U.S. and its allies had just kicked Hitler's ass and America had become the undisputed king of the hill. Not to make light of war, we won at a terrible cost, but we won. With the MacArthur Plan, the U.S was pouring money into Europe to rebuild.

With the optimism following WWII, and the hope we had fought the war to end all wars - America turned its weary and hopeful eyes toward a brighter future -- with moon rockets, space travel, machines and robots we dreamed would bring us wealth and life of leisure. Consumers wanted anything modern and different from the homes of their parents. Sound familiar?

Perhaps now, having suffered 2 wars and the Great Recession, we are looking toward the future and embracing modern design with hopeful eyes again. The hope that Gen X and Y can make better choices, more evolved choices, and we can heal our wounds, find jobs, and with hard work, create a more peaceful, joyful world.

Whatever the reason, we are increasingly inspired by modern design. We can reach into the past to find it in Bauhaus and Danish Modern, or we can look into the future to find it. Hope you enjoy the rocket ride!

Shine On! Braxton

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