Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Make me over - what I've learned so far

Last weekend Braxton and I decided to check out the vintage/antique stores in Salem Virginia, which is a little college town just outside of Roanoke.  Remember last week I was whining saying that I wasn't having much luck finding vintage clothes here?  Well, lookie what I found.

This is a mod party dress actually from the 60's, and I love love love it.  It fits well, it's short, and it makes me want a cocktail, like now.                                        

Full disclosure as to why I look so cranky/rotten in these photos; I have some sort of cold/flu thingy.  My hair is up because I just couldn't be bothered to do anything else, my eyes are red because I have a fever, my red nose is NOT because I celebrated national margarita day yesterday. Oh and the reason you can't see my feet?  Pink fuzzy slippers.  Can I have an awwwwww?
 Party dress from the back.
 This is a jacket that came with a skirt I'll show you in a minute.  I wanted you to see how this jacket has a nipped in waist.  This is something I've learned from this blog;  on my particular figure type (curvy) a nipped in waist is almost always preferable.
 Curvy jacket from the back.
 Now this is a boxy jacket that I already had in my closet.  See how it does NOTHING for my figure?  With a boxy garment the widest part of your figure is what get noticed, in my case the bootay.  With a nipped in waist you notice the smallest part of my figure, my waist.  See it's that easy.
 Boxy jacket from the back.
 This is a waist band of the aforementioned skirt.  Yep, that 24 american inches.  Is that even possible?  It would take Mr. Pearl's most heavy duty/steel belted corset it get me in this skirt.  Not in this lifetime.
 Want to see the bottom line?  Yes, I got a gorgeous party dress and the two piece suit (even it I can't wear the skirt) for less than $45.00!  Somehow I'm beginning to feel better.
Unsolicited tip of the day;  before I began Make me over I was the one who was always running from the camera.  This blog has forced me to see myself from the cameras perspective, and what an eye opener it's been.  If you are feeling brave I suggest you take a full body picture of your self everyday for a week, and see what YOU learn.  Do your fashion choices flatter you?  How do your color choices make you look and feel?  Try it, and please let me know how it goes.  Would love to know.

Why oh why did no one tell me about national margarita day?  That was information I could have put to good use, now I have to wait a whole year!
Have a beautiful day.

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Leslie R. said...

I *love* that dress!

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