Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Weekend Daytrip - Home Decor Treasure Hunt

Fantastic Valentines weekend! Decided to break with our normal Saturday tradition and hit the open road. We took a beautiful drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway to Buchanan for a Thrifting/Antiquing treasure hunt.

We had the road mostly to ourselves - too cold for cyclists, just a handful of cars and some folks walking along, enjoying the view. The coolness is the discovery that even on a cold winter day, a drive on the Parkway was a lot like a beautiful walk in the woods, just with no ticks or chiggers or physical exertion...who knew? We generally only went up to the Parkway for hikes in the past.
Yancey forgot her camera :(, so I've pieced this trip together for your from Googled pics of Bosnia and Southern California :) but it pretty much looked like this. This IS actually a Parkway pic - and the day was just like this, cloudy, windy, and cold, with skeletal winter trees and heavy clouds through which the sunlight escaped and zigzagged slowly down the mountainsides. We had to pull over on a overlook and watch the show. Spectacular!

Here is a cemetery view of the lovely town of Buchanan, lying in the shadow of the mountain, just off the Parkway, and cozied up to the James River.
It was a great to get out of the house and out of town and enjoy the ride. Something about getting away, even on a short trip or even a walk in the neighborhood, gives us the space we need to clear our minds and think and talk.

When we got there we were hungry, so we stopped in Fazarelli's Pizzeria Restaurant in downtown Buchanan. Love the building, love the food. Not a pizza fan, will eat it but not seek it out, but this was the best pizza I've ever had (outside of Yancey's of course). Definitely eat here if you have a chance!
Sorry for the poor pic here, had to Google Map this puppy.

Another Google Map still. Not a top shelf picture, but it's another slice of Buchanan, and one of the antique stores we visited. Love to go treasure hunting with my darling girl! Never know what mischief we will find. On this day we were looking for a FAB MOD lamp, about 25-36" high to rock our new Danish Modern dining room. It needed the Light and the Mojo of a new lamp, which we've had trouble finding. We found one that totally ROCKs. I hope Yancey will share that picture later.

After shopping it was back to the Parkway for a beautiful drive home. Back at home- AcornHill - we plugged in our new MOD lamp and did some random work to spruce the place up. That night we piled up in bed and drank cheap champagne, watched a Valentine themed vintage Heart to Heart TV show from the 70's and ate delicious warmed up pizza...! Sublime :)
Click Here to take an interactive walk down Main Street Buchanan Virginia 

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