Thursday, February 17, 2011

console and cute shoes

Since I've been spending so much time lately on building my wardrobe, I've kinda neglected the house, especially the new dining room.  To refresh your memory;

This is the mid century modern console we purchased in November
 We've been enjoying our new DR furniture since the holidays, yet I've never gotten around to styling it.  As you know, I am not a professional decorator and I've never taken the class on how to style your mid century danish console, so I obviously need your help.  Here goes;

Here is the collection of things that I think might work.

This is the lamp Braxton mentioned yesterday.  We purchased this baby for valentines day from an antiques dealer in Buchanan Virginia.  This lamp will definitely be a part of our styling.

Do you remember these pineapple bowls?  Well.......

We found their mommy.

Here is the console with the lamp, large wooden dish (pictured above) and a favorite set of glassware.

Close up of the dish and glasses.

A similar look, using our Mad Men glassware.

Here I've used a mid century ice bucket.  I like the way the red ties in with the lampshade.

Close up of the ice bucket.

Another ice bucket.  You can't see in this picture, but our kitchen counter tops are yellow.  This bucket could be what ties the two rooms together.

Random plant?

Now, just to show you I'm not completely stuck on the wooden dish, this is a plastic tray that I really like.
 So, there it is.  Those of you who are decorators, or just opinionated, what do you think?  I would love some advice.  Favorites?

On to cute shoes.  I found these at payless in the fall.  They are size 5, previously thought impossible to find at payless!  I love the vintage feel of these, they are technically my size, they are cute as hell, but they don't fit!  The back straps always slips down my heel and then they start to flop around like flip-flops which is really annoying.  Does anyone know how to keep sling back shoes from sliding down? 
 Oh cute shoes, why don't you fit me?
 Perhaps I'll just think of them as art.  Shoe art.  Hummmm.
Sneak peek:  tomorrow I get back to the vintage clothes hunt.  Now that I've told you, I HAVE to, right?

Please comment on the dining room console, I know you have an opinion.
Have a beautiful day.

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