Monday, March 14, 2011

earring makeover - jewelry storage

Last week I promised to show you how I makeover my clip on earrings to accommodate pierced ears. Over the years I've found really wonderful vintage earrings but they almost always have those horrible pinchy backs which give me a headache in about a minute. So, craft store to the rescue....

You will need;  earrings of course, a package of jewelry findings for pierced ears ( I purchased mine from A. C. Moore), a pair of wire cutters, and some sturdy glue that works on metal ( I used Krazy Glue).

Simply take the wire cutters and clip off the horrible pinchy thing.  This requires some strength and perhaps a choice word or two, oh and really good eyesight in order to find the horrible pinchy thing after it has flown across the room.
Now, put a small dot of glue on the flat side of the new fittings and hold to the back of the earring for a few seconds.
That's all there is to it.  I let mine dry for a few hours before I wore them, but then I'm paranoid that way.
Now, on to something new.  This is a wonderfully shallow drawer in my new dresser.  Want to see what I did with it?                                          

My mother's antique wedding china fits perfectly in this drawer.  Huh?  You say.

Notice how these pieces all have cracks and stains, which makes them unworthy for the dinner table.
But there just so pretty, and they fit here so perfectly.  There must be something....I know!

The perfect place to put my jewelry!  You saw that coming a mile away didn't you?  Seriously, it's so great to have all my jewelry organised and visible for a change.  Now I can see what I'm missing in my collection.  How is it I don't have any red earrings? or black earrings? or pink bracelets?  I love how cheery this drawer looks now with my vintage jewelry and my mothers vintage china.  I know I'll smile every time.
I promised you a picture of the dresser after we attached the mirror.  Delivered!

Here at braxtonandyancey our hearts go out to all the victims of last weeks circumstances.  Hope you and your family are safe and well.  God bless.

Have a beautiful day.

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