Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Well, I do believe the guest room is about 90% done.  Just a few tweaks left, change out a hideous lamp here, paint a shelf there...
I suppose it's time, high time actually, that I turn my attention to the living room.  Have I mentioned that we've lived in this house for over twenty years?  That's twenty years of raising children, artists actually, the messy kind (I swear I'll never rid this house of all the prussian blue oil paint splotches - ever).  Twenty years of Braxtons muddy feet after he's been gardening.  Twenty years of feline pets and one particularly bat shit crazy dog with a wild fear of thunderstorms, and you know what that means.
I know this all sounds  like I'm making excuses, but really it's not all my fault. Kinda.

So, on to the living room.  These black swivel chairs were gifted to us by my father in law, and we love them.  They're kind of mod, really comfortable, and have no business in my living room.
So......shazam, I waved my magic wand and they disappeared, and reappeared in our studio as desk chairs. 

 Holy cow,  when did that ugly cat bed get there?  Is that my daughter's 9th grade art project?  WTF is that baby cup doing there?  Can somebody tell me how this hearth got so dang dirty?
Now, this is slightly better, still need to paint the hearth and get rid of about a thousand tchotchkes, but better.
Looks like this little lady has her work cut out for her.  Any suggestions?  What to keep? What to get rid of?  What to set fire to?  At least the cat likes it, so that's something.
Please leave comments below.
Have a beautiful day!

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