Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mid century modern - part II

As mentioned yesterday, the rest of our bedroom furniture has been delivered. I'll show you...

This is the living room after Braxton moved all the furniture over to one corner so that nothing would get banged up while we were bringing in the new pieces.

This is a reminder of what our new end tables look like.  If you recall, we named them "end table" and "the other end table", and now for the rest of the family.....
May I introduce "truly awesome and much needed chest of drawers".
And her sister "OMG how will I ever use all of this new space?"
And of course their cousin "big honking mirror".

And this is me in shock at the prospect of moving all our clothes over to the new furniture. 
BTW the mirror does attach to the console, I just don't have a picture of it yet. 
Can't wait to organize those drawers, I'll be sure to bring you along on the adventure.
Have a beautiful day.

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