Monday, March 7, 2011

Mid century modern bedside tables

Over the weekend Braxton and I, once again, went to our favorite consignment shop and purchased several pieces of mid century danish modern furniture.  This really has got to stop!  Actually, I do believe we are about to run out of room for new pieces so we are almost done.
This is our guest room with a ratty rattan bed side table that we purchased at Pier 1 several year ago.  You served us well oh loyal bedside table.

This is the new (to us) mid century danish modern bedside table.  Oh my,how I do love you, you gorgeous thing you.
And, this is it's twin.  I call her "the other bedside table".
Close up of table.  We purchased these for $100.00 each, they are in excellent condition,and really look like they belong with our $5.00 goodwill bookcase headboard.  Love when that happens!
Love how period this room looks when photographed in b&w.  Move over Don and Betty, Braxton and Yancey have arrived! (Did that sound a little pervey to you?).
Tomorrow the other pieces, yup there's more, will arrive.  Can't wait to introduce you to them.

Have a beautiful day.

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