Thursday, March 17, 2011

Plants - Mid-Century Modern Home Décor - Friend or Foe?

House Plants
A Healthy addition to your home, but do they fit the minimalist Mid-Century Mojo?

We’ve had a love-hate relationship with plants at AcornHill. At one time we had over 80 plants and I lovingly cared for them and felt good about them happily eating carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.

Since that time, we’ve pared down our house plants to about 5-6 somewhat sickly looking specimens that I am seriously considering euthanizing. As we evolve our decor from over-the-hill to Mod, it just seems a minimalist vibe is part of the look. Which means no plants or limited plants – and perhaps plants of a certain type. Are there Mod Plants?

On one hand, they do scrub the air. Not only do they produce oxygen, based on a recent article in the Wall Street Journal they can scrub the air of up to 75% of VOC's - which is compelling, causing us to rethink making AcornHill a plant free zone.

On the other hand, they can be messy and dirty, attracting dust and mites and spider webs. I like gardening and don’t mind digging in the dirt, but in the home, a dirty eyesore isn't the look we are after.

I did a little visual research to see what options were out there and a sampling of pictures follows.

What works, what doesn’t? What are your thoughts? Thumbs up or down with houseplants?

Shine on! Braxton

Plants captured in mass plantings seems clean, more modern.

Small, tidy, succulent in a modern planter seems to work here

Cacti in mod oversized planters look pretty cool

Architectural aspect of Mother-in-law's tongue seems to fit...

I like the Jade plant in this environ - again, tidy, looks healthy, cohabits well with wall art

Cast Iron plants here in a tidy row bring some life to this sterile setting

Again, the captured mass plantings here look great, tidy - not octopussy tendrils climbing everywhere

Looks great, modern. Tidy line of spikey plants works. I like the tighter, cleaner plants. Seems more modern.

Nice captured planting. Not too overgrown. Clean, but not quite as modern as the succulent family.

More typical room styling for plant lovers, nice sunny window for them. Mod setting, and plants add some life, but a little messy for me - a little to Victorian in its plantness for my taste.

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