Friday, March 4, 2011

Ruben Toledo - Mid-Century Muse - Rubenesque Art en Vogue

Ruben Toledo – perhaps less famous than his wife Isabel Toledo, but still very good, also :)

Sorry for the terrible line above - a knock off of the horrible introduction uttered by the main character in the movie Bridget Jones. My darling Yancey, a fan of Vogue magazine, introduced me to Ruben. Yancey and I enjoy piling up in bed with some G&T's and drawing inspiration from Vogue and other magazines for BYdesign. LOVE his art! He is fantastic. Ruben, please forgive the poor intro.

His wife Isabel Toledo is a famous fashion designer and designed the dress Michelle Obama wore for Barack’s inauguration. I can’t seem to find anything in Wikipedia (my main resource for bios) on Ruben.....What the?!!!

Anyway, given time constraints with the day job, and a need to get on with it, here is a sampling of Ruben’s art, which we do love.

I dig the bold strokes of his brush, the contrast of black and white which is used behind the models on photo shoots, the stylish and whimsical, even childlike look of his models. Very Mid-Centuryish, which is a great muse with our own designs. Rock on Rubin!

Hope you enjoy!

Shine on! Braxton

Too Cool!

Do we have a Vector Victor?

Ruben and Isabel at work



Fun and flirty

Puddle Jumper

One of Yancey's favorite authors - love the silhouette work


Love the stylized faces, bodies and backgrounds
Very mysterious

Would the Real Ruben and Isabel stand up? Rock On!

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