Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It has been decided that Braxton will go to market alone alone alone this time.  I have been to the past four or five markets and need a break. He's been to every one for the past 20 years!
I will miss him terribly but this gives me an opportunity to get a few things done around the house - such as.....Paint the bedroom!! Finally.

We've been living with this sickly green color for far too long.  Obviously I loved this color at one time, probably during my Laura Ashley phase which I am desperately trying to distance myself from.
 My plan, for now, is to paint the walls stark snow white.  My hope is that the pink and orange panels will pop against the white.  I'll keep all the bed linens white, as well as the curtains, and add some colorful art on the walls.  Anyone know where I can find orange lamp shades?
In the Happy Weekend post from yesterday, I forgot to show you this pretty little thing that came home with us from the antique store.  We now have three mid century ceramic ashtrays (just for kitch - we don't smoke) so I guess that makes us collectors.  We put this one in the blue guest room.

Remember these from yesterday?  Well, I did a little research and these are called Tiki Leilani mugs.  They apparently were made by the gazillions for Polynesian restaurants and tiki bars in Hawaii and elsewhere.  I guess I haven't spent enough time in tiki lounges because I had never seen one of these mugs before.  What have I been doing all my life?
Because I'll be spending much of the next few days up a ladder with paint in my  hair, posting may be short and sweet.  I'll be sure to document the process and share when I can.

Have a beautiful day.

*It takes a lot of nerve for a woman to compare herself to a pig.  Guess I'm pretty secure in my petite-ness!

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