Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I'm off to get started painting the bedroom.  I'm using valspar paint and primer in one product for the first time, hopefully this will save time and paint.  Does anyone else use semi-gloss on their walls?  I tried it when I painted the guest room and I love it.  The slight sheen makes the white just a little snappier.

Could use your help on this one.  I'm thinking of painting the entrance room next (picture to follow).  I am considering blue, which may remind you of.....

The panels in the guest room.

I'm also considering marigold, which may remind you of......

The bar in our living room.  You can see the entrance room is currently pink (to the right of the bar), and I thought the marigold would look fantastic next to the orange bar.
Care to vote?  BLUE or MARIGOLD.  Please leave your suggestions in the comment section.

Have a beautiful day.

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