Monday, April 11, 2011


Braxton and I found this amazing blue glass vase? carafe? vessel? at a consignment store on Saturday for $10.00.  I thought it would be perfect for the blue guest room, and it was, then it got restless and decided it wanted to see what it would look like in the living room window.  Perfect.  I hope it stays.

  Have you ever bought something for a specific place then discovered you like it better in another place?  This happens to me on a regular basis.   
 I'll be painting the bedroom (again!) this week, so Braxton will be posting more than usual.  Yeah!!
I'll leave you with these lovely pictures, if I say so myself, which I took in our very own backyard.
A blossom from our montgomery cherry tree.

Apple blossoms.

Every summer when they were still at home, the girls would pick the cherries and bake us a pie.  Montgomery cherries are very tart and the best variety for baking.

We usually don't get many apples from this tree because Braxton doesn't like to spray the chemicals necessary to keep the bugs from eating them all.  But the blossoms are fantastic, don't you think?

The blossoms have just begun to open in our dogwood garden.  They should be lovely by Easter.

We also purchased new lamps for our bedroom, but I will keep them a secret until I have painted the room.  Care to guess what color I'll choose?  Hint: it isn't WHITE.

 Have a beautiful day.

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