Friday, April 8, 2011


In the few months that we've been blogging, Braxton and I have shown you most of our furniture.  Most.  Meet our sofa......The elephant in the room.

We've had this sofa for about 20 years and the only creature in the house who ever sits on it is Bunny the cat and she has recently gotten too old and fat to make the leap.  Sooo....... it just sits there, taking up space, gathering dust, sucking light.

It's not that we don't like Ms. elephant, it's just that she no longer suites our style.  She is the wrong color, in no way modern (obviously), and terribly uncomfortable.  Yet, she is a "fine antique reproduction", so says, well, those who say things like that.

Quite unfortunately, the logical place for the sofa is next to our orange(!) bar.  BTW: we live about 45 minutes from Virginia Tech, who's team colors happen to be burgundy and orange.  This is not good, at all.

Sometimes I attempt to dress us Ms. Pachyderm with some festive pillows.

Lime green anyone?

When in doubt, add more color.

When she's feeling sophisticated she likes to wear her mink(ish) pillows...

and play hide and seek behind the pink table.

This tag under the cushion will mean something to our fellow Virginians, or Richmonders anyway.

Of course The Elephant in the Room didn't come to us alone, no she has friends, baby elephants if you will.

Meet the incredibly ornate mirror.

 No antique velvet sofa is complete without a matching wing chair.  Oh-vey.*
 Moving on.  Yesterday, Braxton teased you with a picture of some groovy/graphic magnets, and mentioned that we had made some for ourselves.  I thought I would show you.  These are soo easy to make and I promise I'll show you how later.  They make great hostess gifts, cuz who doesn't use magnets?  We made these when we were in our steam punk phase.
 I had intended to show you this picture earlier in the week but couldn't find it on my computer.  This shows how one coat of paint didn't even begin to cover the sharpie words of wisdom on our walls.  Remember it took five coats, and there are still a few shadows, but please don't tell Braxton.
* I should mention here that the sofa, mirror and wing chair came to us from Braxton's grandmother's house after she died, and we are grateful.  We would however like to sell these pieces and purchase something a little more our style, so, if you or someone you know are in the market for "fine antique reproductions" please let me know.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!

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