Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eichler Homes – Mid-Century Modern Homes That Take Your Breath Away

Joseph Eichler – Bringing Modern Architecture and Innovation to Private Homes in the 60’s

Eichler Homes built over 11,000 homes in California from 1950 to 1974, selling mainly to the middle class, creating the American Dream to own a home for anyone regardless of race or religion, which was unusual in his day. Wikipedia reports that “he resigned from the National Association of Home Builders when they refused to support a non-discrimination policy.”

Look for features in his "California Modern” styled homes to include floor to ceiling glass walls, post-and- beam construction for large open floor plans, flat or low-sloping A frame roofs, exposed beams, sliding doors, closets and cabinets, vertical siding, and clean geometric lines.

His homes also included atriums – an open air enclosed entrance, to bring the outdoors inside.

Influenced by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and Mies van der Rohe, look for these homes to echo the home in which the Parr family lived in The Incredibles.

Wow, check out the pictures. This guy seriously rocked! Why can’t he have built homes in the mountains of Virginia?! I want!

Hope you enjoy!

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Link to Julius Shulman Post 1910-2009 Capturing the Magic of Mid-Century Modern Architecture


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