Monday, April 18, 2011


Can I come up with a provocative post title or what?  I'll explain later, but first.....
Are you in love, yet?  This fantastic mid century danish modern desk was spotted amongst the riff-raff (regular old metal desks...yawn) at a consignment shop over the weekend.  Apparently the owners of this shop are on to the popularity of this style because the price is $350.00 which is fairly high for around here.
Oh man if I could only think of someplace to put this.  It's unusually small for a desk - probably meant to be a lady's desk.  I'm thinking it would work nicely as a dressing table, which unfortunately I already have one of.  It would also work as a child's desk, if you have highly evolved children who would treat it with the respect it deserves (just kidding by the way - no children are that highly evolved). 

This is another mid century desk.  It's an L shaped desk, and not half as sharp looking as the smaller desk.  What's with the linoleum type top? 

A better view.

Actually the coolest thing about this piece is the bowed front covered in grass cloth, very pretty indeed.
 Now I'll explain about "weekend booty".  Of course I didn't mean that kind of booty, I meant...well...oh just beeeehave.
This is a lamp we purchased on Sat.  It's one of those things where we had been casually looking at this for weeks and for some reason kept walking away.  Then on Sat. the clouds parted, the sun shone, and angels sang, so we took the hint and bought the dang lamp.

The thing is (you knew it had to be something) we then bought this shade for it.  Dangling jewels, really Yancey, really?  What do YOU think?  Should I take it back to the store?  A black shade perhaps? 

I really wish I could find a shade as wonderful as this one on a similar lamp in our kitchen.

On to the curtains.  Remember last week I took the curtains from this room and put them in the other bedroom?  I mentioned at the time that I wouldn't leave them there, I was just seeing how the black and white would work with the orange glow walls.  Well, I left them there.  So we replaced them with these.  The thing is (there I go again) Braxton is really disappointed in the curtains, but it doesn't come close to his disappointment in that damn lamp shade.

Close up of the pattern.

The problem - as Braxton sees it - is that the patterns are close but not the same.  What do you think?  Back to the store with these too???  Do I get to keep any of my "weekend booty"??
If anyone in the Roanoke area is interested in those fab desks - they are at consignment first on electric road.  You're welcome.


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