Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Atomic Lamps - Mid-Century Modern Design

A Jetsonesque Celebration of the Atom in Lighting Design

We are so loving our new atomic lamp that we thrifted last weekend! Yancey posted the photos yesterday. Screams Mid-Century, and as you may know, we love to have something in each room that doesn't just rock Mid-Century, but screams it.

I did a little research to find the manufacturer and value of our two atomic lamps online. Although I failed miserably in my quest so far – there are LOTS of atomic styled lamps out there from the 50s and 60s - I found some pretty cool examples I thought I would share as design muses.

Atomic design doesn’t seem to be a recognized design style. Some use the term Atomic style as a synonym for Mid-Century Modern, which is a recognized style popular in the post war Atomic Age in the 50’s and 60’s. The fascination with and celebration of science and technology in that day inspired designers to use scientific symbols like the atom or crystal, or organic forms in their designs.

So basically, any mid-century modern design can be said to be Atomic Style, whether it actually uses the atom as a design motif or not. For me, I am especially interested in atomic design that actually rocks the atom as a design element, like our thrifted lamps. The pictures that follow are more of that variety.

These are lamps George Jetson would love.

Hope you enjoy!
Shine on! Braxton
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Anonymous said...

love them! I just recently found myself attracked to these gems, truly by accident, no I think by "design" I was meant to be touched by their individuality. So many things seem safe and within the lines of traditional thinking, but these lamps bring illumination to the soul as well to a room or space. I am thankful to have found them out and I look forward myself to searching for them. I too, am a tresure hunter at heart and your collection stirs me up to get out there and find these atomic stars in the world of lamp lighting.

Braxton and Yancey said...

Thanks for the great comment! I agree completely-great to find design that soars above the safe/mundane. We also love that these lamps have a story/history. The challenge we've found so far is to find lamps with vintage shades in great shape. The fiberglass shades held up better, and there are companies making replacement shades. A Lowe's shade on these is tragic. Good luck with your quest! Braxton

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. They are heartbreakingly beautiful.

Braxton and Yancey said...

Yay! So happy you enjoyed! Brax

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