Monday, May 23, 2011


Meet our newest atomic lamp.
 Due to scheduled family obligations on Sunday, Braxton and I had to make the most of our limited thrifting opportunities on Saturday.  We went to our fave consignment shop, the one that is closest to a sure thing.  As we were browsing through the usual grandmotherly antiques looking for that mid century needle in a hay stack, I took a quick peek into the back room, the one for employees only beyond this point.  There on a table in the center of the room, covered in 60 years worth of dust, was the most fantastic atomic lamp.
It was a reasonable price, although the shade was not in perfect shape, so we brought it home.  No regrets here!
This is an atomic lamp we purchased a few weeks ago.  Yes, they do have the exact same shade.  Because we decided to place the newer (to us) lamp in a more prominent place, we switched the shades and positioned the most faded side toward the wall.  Win win. 

A closeup of the center (spaceship) of the lamp.  It's difficult to see here but the colors are black and gold.

Close up of the top of the base.

Glamour shot.  Isn't she gorgeous?

This orange lovely sits on the desk in our living room in front of the window.

The sunshine through the glass makes a gorgeous orange swirl.

Now, THIS orange lovely will sit on our coffee table.  It's shiny, glass, and orange.  I'm so in love!

Doesn't everything look better in the sun shine? 
I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend.

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