Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Conversation Pits – Retro Room Design From The 60’s and 70’s Still Rocks Today

The ConvoPit – Great, Fun Modern Design

Had a heartbreakingly brilliant idea to research the Conversation Pit as a groovy Mid-Century interior design element. They were popular for hipsters and modern architects in the 60’s and 70’s, although, sadly, they seem pretty rare in the Googlesphere, at least in the high resolution pics that I favor.

Had some trouble finding out the history of the Conversation Pit. Nothing on Wikipedia, for example. The Merriam-Webster dictionary has this nugget for us:

conversation pit
: a usu. sunken area (as in a living room) with intimate seating that facilitates conversation

Another source said “a usually sunken portion of a room or living area with chairs, sofas, etc., often grouped around a fireplace, where people can gather to talk.”

Wow. So there you have it. FU*****CK. Nothing much to hang our hats on. Perhaps more digging online or in architectural textbooks would yield some fruit. But not today.

I guess we will have to rely on some simply smashing pictures to tell the story, and some brilliant editorial fireworks as filler.


OK, so much for the editorial fireworks. I like these rooms :).

Well, part of the coolness is they ARE so rare, so different, so modern, so cool, so like, step into my Own-Personal-Mod-Pod. Seems sexy and so intimate, so elbow to elbow and hip to hip that you would only invite your best friends or family into the ConvoPit – not your co-workers or boss.

No doubt you would be smoking something, drinking something, enjoying the cool company – maybe run out to the patio for a barbecue with your BBQ apron on and your very white bread chef hat, perhaps do some great suburban kabobs or layout a nice cheese fondue and munch out. Sweet Modness!

Hell, let’s let the pictures speak for themselves.

Hope you enjoy!
Shine on! Braxton

Great retro story
Left Click to ZOOM

Love the color here - 70's?

Another great retroscape

Seems very clean, Zen like- dig the shagadellic carpet

Definitely 70's but hip

Dig the mirrored ceiling

Love  the vibe here. Las Vegas cool.

More sophisticated. Martinis for two

A sunken room, NOT a conversation pit. No mojo here.

A contemporary adaptation

Miller House from another vantage point. Too Cool!

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Anonymous said...

i love this colation, you've done a really good job and I'm inspired.

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