Monday, May 9, 2011


This is going to be an unusual week for us.  Braxton and I will taking a few days off to do some hiking in the mountains.  We will try to touch base with you on most days.
For now I want to show you what our plans are for the patio this summer...

This is the most embarrassing corner of the patio.  Somehow everything (abandoned pots, bird feeders, watering can) always end up in this corner.  I hope to replace all this junk with a statue we already have and some herbs.

A slightly better corner - but still could use some help.

What's left of last years herb harden.

This is where the workmen who put in the new heating/cooling system in our studio drilled through the wall.  If I had any pride in my yard I would hang my head in shame.

After a fruitful trip to Lowes.  We got boxwood, roses, geraniums and lots of herbs.

Wide view of the patio.  I'm really excited about cooking out* this summer, something we haven't made time to do for the last few years.

Some tomato plants Braxton is planning to plant in the side garden.

This is last years veg. garden.  We decided to plant a few tomato plants ONLY this year.  The rest of this area will be planted in a ground cover with a cherry tree in the center of each garden.

The front porch with red geraniums in the planter Braxton built me a few years ago.  Am I the only one who's always been a sucker for red geraniums?

I can truly say our front porch makes me happy every time I come home.
These pictures are just the "before" - after we have planted I will share the "after".
* Here in the south we say "cook out" but I've heard other people say "bar-b-q" or "grill-out".  What do you say where you live?

Have a beautiful day!

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