Friday, June 3, 2011

Extreme Home Décor – High Octane Creative Interior Design

To explore strange new worlds, to boldly go where no man has gone before…

Revolutionary, Exceptional, Spectacular, Crazy, Unique. I am seeking these things in design. I am inspired by the new. Having raised two amazing, artistic children, I am also interested in home décor and industrial design that is more than pretty, more than beautiful even, but outstanding…something approaching art.

I love to see décor that stretches the limits, décor that gives me a sense of infinite possibilities, of a visual landscape that is limited only by our imaginations, of art we can live in, and that, my friends, rocks! People rock! I love seeing what people can create. They amaze me.

We should give each other permission, as if that were needed, to be outrageous, aspirational, and autobiographical, in our lives, but also in our décor. After all, décor is, or could be, the art we live our lives in. It should support our concept of who and what we choose to be. It should lift us up, make us happy, not drag us down.

Whatever success means to us – a new career, a great love life, a happy partnership, a great college experience, a great business, our living spaces should reflect that, make that real for us. We should dress our rooms for success. And when we do so, why not go a little wild and crazy?

I hope you enjoy the slide show of the new that follows and that it fires your imagination! Permission to be FABULOUS! :)

Shine On!

Japanese Extreme Manga!
Left Click to ZOOM

Etch N Sketch room

Extreme Storyboarding

Betsy Johnson! Extremely Girly

Holy Hotel Room, Batman!

Extremely Groovy

Over the top pattern/color story

The Comfy Cactus room
Trekkie - Beam me up

Extreme Zen Minimalism

Cool MopHair room

The WTF, let's put the Shower in the stairwell room (cool pattern/color story)

Yes! Dr Seuss Juice Bar...

Crochet Bomb again- love this!

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