Friday, June 17, 2011

Playful Décor – Home Fashion with a Youthful, Playful Attitude.

Life if 4Play. Play with it, you won’t go blind

OK, I’m a big kid at heart. I grew up with toys, a lot of toys. I loved games and GI Joe's, and Hot Wheels and Etch N Sketch, Yo-Yos, and of course, video games.

Speaking of video games, I remember our family’s first, -- PONG. It rocked! Very primitive, just 2 paddles and a moving ping pong ball, really 2 rectangles you could move up and down, and then a white ball blipping, bouncing back and forth on the screen. Simple, Fun.

When the first video arcades showed up in Malls, I guess I was in High School, and as a Mall Rat, I played these games with my friends – Zaxxon, Galaxian, Pac Man. Burned many a happy quarter.

Play is how we find out about our world, it’s how we grow, after all. Plus, you never know when those play skills are going to be handy when you grow up, like, if the world were ever bombarded by Asteroids from space, I’d be ready. And then, boy, would my parents be proud then – I would show them games weren’t just a colossal waste of time and money!

Now that I’m a grown up, well kindof (ask Yancey), I still love the idea of toys and playful, colorful, funny stuff. Since we’re in the Home Fashion biz, I am interested in how Toys as a muse might play out into design.

Here’s what I’ve found so far – a mix of “playful” rooms and furniture. Hope you enjoy.

And Happy Father's Day to my Dad, and Jay and Chris, and all the other Dad's out there!

Shine on! Braxton
Scrabble roomscape is fun, those sofas look comfy :)

Too much fun. Mix N Match. Nice juxt of old and new

Karim Rashid rocks. Playful Modness

Rubic's Cube chair. Can't get the damn thing to match up...

Fun idea with light play

A little pulpy, but playful, could close mouth for some time out

Another Karim design. Sweeeet

Playful nesting table design

Really fun, color mix, modern, organic uph forms

Gaming rug

Like the mod/playful graphics in modern setting - biological

Centipede lamp

Plastic Lego-like bricks can be stacked and backlit - Nice

Teeter Totter bookcase

Another Karim

Tetris bookcase is flexible fun. A little unfinished look to this model.

Fun room in a box and saturated color story

Another Rubic's story

Fun colorstory



Nice flexible toy message concept

Just Another Brick in the Wall design

Hi-way sign art is playful

I think Mod-ness IS Playful!

Another game controller table - NextGen

Nice colorplay here, reminds me of the Circus


Tetris game planters - love the bold color story inside

Playful organic table and chairs, cool modern roomscape

Fun woven stool thingys - yarn as stool softener :)

Playful display gazebo idea

Nintendo controller table - classic

Playful bold stripes and B/W and Red Story - cool graphics

Tetris Table - Fun

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Braxton and Yancey said...

Yup that's right - definitely still a kid! Happy Fathers day sweetie - and to all the dads out there is blogland.

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