Thursday, June 16, 2011


I've posted before about how Braxton and I enjoy what we call method designing.  In other words we like to imerse ourselves in whatever era or style we're working on at the moment.  Obviously in this moment we are concentrating on mod.  So.....we like to dress the part, decorate our house with our own (and others) mod designs, we've even experimented with retro recipes.

One area we've neglected is MUSIC!  Music, people, a very important part of our lives, how could I not include music in our lives as method designers?  What the hell IS mod music anyway?  According to our friends at wikkipedia the actual British Mods listened to soul, british beat, jamaican ska, and american R&B.  While I'm very familiar with soul and R&B, I'm not quite sure about british beat or jamaican ska (if any one you are, please enlighten me).

Last week I ventured into my local Barnes and Noble to check out their ever waning collection of CD's.   I'm sure I don't have to tell you that there is NO section labeled Mod.  So, to get to the point here, I ended up with two CD's in my hand, Dean Martin and Tom Jones.  Now I know that DM is NOT british and therefor probably NOT mod, but TJ?  He's at least Welsh, right?

Braxton and I are  a leetle bit too young to have been Tom Jones fans back in his hay-day, but you can color me a Tom Jones fan today baby!!  The CD is called "Tom Jones Reloaded greatest hits" and it is hysterical (in a good way).  It includes his hits {It's not unusual, What's new pussycat?, Delilah....}  he even does a cover (gasp) of Burning down the house.  {It must be David Byrne approved because he sings on the track}.
Anyway, please let me make your day by sharing the following video....
I give you Mr. Tom Jones singing - that's right - sex bomb!!!
If this doesn't crack you up - nothing will.   Enjoy.
Have a BEAUTIFUL day.

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Leslie R. said...

Hehehe- TJ's Sex Bomb always makes me laugh!

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