Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Gardens – Playful, Colorful, Beautiful

Wonderland as a Muse for Exceptional Garden Design
Gardens are a really important theme in the whole Alice Muse Week here at the BYDesign Blog. Alice spends much of her time outdoors at tea parties, or roaming though gardens with the Queen of Hearts. Indeed Wonderland itself seems to be one big garden.

From a design perspective, what we are pulling out of the garden vibe is playful proportionoversized flowers and animals, playful and strange proportions that can impact furniture or interior design, lots of great soft flower colors and textures, flamingo and other feathers, playful fern fiddleheads, topiaries. I also like the Tim Burtonesque tendrils, vines, trees and thornbushes in his version of Alice, which gives the story a little darkness, a touch of danger and atmosphere, and gets us away from the sickly sweetness that, to me, is more for a kids room, and infinitely less interesting.

What follows is a short slideshow of whimsical and beautiful gardens that remind me of Alice. It’s just a down payment, there is certainly so much more out there. If you find something yourself, please share!

Hope you enjoy!

Shine On! Braxton

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