Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Architecture – Breaking the Rules

Fantastical Architecture

As part of Alice in Wonderland Muse week I was interested in falling down the rabbit hole and checking out the whole wild and crazy architecture vibe I’ve seen in on the Web. There is some really great design out there in the world. Perhaps not in my town, but you know, "out there".

Most architects, despite dreams of desiging really cool stuff, end up designing malls and post offices and suburban homes it seems, but some are able to break away and create some pretty amazing designs! I love that. That breakaway from the conventional, the sensible, the mundane, the boring. The, I am going to create something really batshit crazy and beautiful, and nobody’s going to stop me kind of thinking.

To do this, it takes vision and courage and financial support – but it can happen. And I love the world and people that realize or support the dream. The new needs friends!

I’ve put together a short slideshow that just scratches the surface of extraordinary fanciful architecture. I have edited these to tell more of a Wonderland story, without being too Disney – but there is so much great work out there, that this short post cannot address. I think some of this work can be an inspiration for home décor and furniture, who knows?

Hope you enjoy!

Shine On! Braxton

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