Thursday, July 14, 2011

Innovation in Home Decor and Design

Rocking New Ideas and Designs

NPR says innovation is in trouble in the US. With the economy, companies and investors are risk adverse and are not investing in new ideas. Really bad idea, since innovation is the rocket fuel for the economy, for the generation of new jobs and opportunities, for growth in sales and profits, for the competitive advantage the US has over other countries.

I am an Innovator and I love innovation! As an inventor, I get really excited about the new – new design, new problem solving ideas, new materials, new challenges. I enjoy brainstorming to come up with solutions to problems - like the new mobile classroom desk designed above (Rocks!).

Now, I am not a rocket scientist or a physicist, but like most of us, I can put stuff together in new combinations that solves a problem. I lot of my ideas have made it to market, unfortunately for me, others eventually come up with the same ideas, and so, with better funding or contacts or just more focused energy, those ideas, if they are good, make it to the marketplace.

A few examples of some of my innovations ideas include mailbox covers for ugly mailboxes, auto flags (think those obnoxious college team flags people put on their cars), Tantoos (temporary tattoos using the tanning by the sun), and the solution to the blind spot problem when you drive a car. All sketched and archived in my notebooks years before they made it to the marketplace – none of which I made a dime on. So sad, too bad : ).

OK, maybe these ideas didn’t cure cancer or anything, but they did solve a need in the marketplace, solved a problem, represented a marketable product to sell.

I thought I would pull some innovative ideas from my archives for home décor. None of these are mine, but they are cool and provide grist for the creative mill.

Hope you enjoy.

Shine On! Braxton
Accordion fold out table

Lego-like snap in components

Configurable bench with flipping units

Hidden storage space

Shock absorbing bed - YeeHa!

Folding crib

Adjustable height table

Combo ottoman and chair

Pullout surface

Knockout design for translucent material cocktail table


Pivoting bookcase

Storage under translucent top

Office Pod

Stylish hat rack/magazine/storage rack

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Leslie R. said...

Neat! I love that long twisty couch.

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