Wednesday, July 13, 2011

THEY CANCELED "thirty something"??!!

So, we're in the kitchen peeling that horrible paper off the walls that was there when we bought the house.  The kids are in bed, it's late and we're tired.  We're also kinda bummed.  It was announced today on the radio that our favorite t.v. show was canceled......THIRTY SOMETHING.  I know, right?

I have a caffeine fueled crazy, I say to Braxton.....  "they've canceled our favorite show, the kids are getting kinda old for Sesame Street, there is really nothing on these days that we're excited about...........let's stop watching t.v.!!
No, really, let's give ourselves two weeks free of television, we'll try it and see if we like it.  What do you think?"
 Confused?  What?  You don't remember THIRTY SOMETHING?  Oh I forgot to mention it's December of 1990, and that two weeks without t.v. has lasted for 21 years.
 Our habit of NOT watching t.v. is something we don't talk about very often.  It's rather difficult to mention without sounding preachy or judgemental, and whenever we DO mention it to someone they almost always say " I don't really watch much t.v. either".  which makes us feel like snobby assholes.
The reason I mention it now is to share with you some of the advantages of NOT watching t.v.

 First of all - there's the obvious......we have a lot more free time. At first we probably (I really don't remember all that well) just sat around and looked at each other. Eventually we filled our time with other activities......reading......playing with the kids......arts and crafts......ah..hum...romantic time.

Even though our girls were sometimes at a social disadvantage because they couldn't relate to their friends t.v. habits, we always felt so good about the fact that they were not being exposed to all that advertising.  Think about it...t.v. advertising can make you feel like a looser.  If only I had that car I'd be cool.......If only I wore those clothes I'd be beautiful.....If I buy that product I'll be smarter....sexier......thinner......richer.........  Not watching television allowed our girls the opportunity to determine who they were and who they wanted to be without the influence of cover girl or miss Clairol or Chevrolet or McDonald's.  I should also mention here that our girls are now young adults, no longer living at home, and neither of them owns a t.v.!

We've never had to endure snookie or the whiny sisters Kardashian or the real housewives of Winnipeg.  I know of these things thanks to the Internet.

I could go on and on about the advantages of NOT watching t.v. (what's that you say....I already have gone on and on?)  I'll just leave you with this challenge.......try going without t.v. for two weeks.   It worked for us and it might work for you.   Try it and see.  Maybe your two weeks will turn into 21 years, and you'll not even remember what thirty something was all about.

Have a beautiful day.

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