Friday, July 1, 2011

Manga Rocks Home Décor

Japanese Art Shows Its True Colors in Decorating and Home Fashion

I’ve enjoyed Manga and Anime for some time. I’m not an addict or anything, but I see the same coolness in Manga that I find in Comic Book Art, Graffiti Art, and Pop Art.

It’s fun, colorful, sometimes heroic and action oriented, playful.

Manga is basically Japanese cartooning. The word means “whimsical drawings” and Manga had it’s start after WWII. It has gained in popularity around the world, particularly with Anime, which is motion picture Manga.

Wikipedia says “…people of all ages read Manga. The medium includes works in…genres (including) action-adventure, romance, sports and games, historical drama, comedy, science fiction and fantasy, mystery, horror, sexuality, and business/commerce, among others.”

I am interested in Manga from a home décor perspective, mainly because fits the colorful, fun vibe we are cooking up with our ModHome collection.

What follows is a snapshot of Manga in home décor, as well as a few Manga Art pictures that could be a fit as Pop Art on the wall. To protect your “baby eyes” I’ve edited out most of the the Ero Manga or Hentai Art that was too pervy :). Hope you enjoy!

Shine on! Braxton
Beautiful and Mod


Cool graphics

Love this! B/W sketch look rocks!

Boom Baby!


Pervy- sorry, I couldn't help including just one :)


A little Disney for my taste, and I love Disney, but this room?

Sculpture influenced by Manga - Art of Takashi Murakami

Love the clean B/W comic vibe



Another plate - there are lots of Manga plates out there

Very Pop Art styled theme

Colorful fun

Excellent Red and B/W comic vibe here- my fav!

We've seen this room before with different art

A Manga-phile's room. Not my idea of great decor, but you can feel the passion this chap has for the art :)
The End :)


Italian Ceramics said...

Where did you get the idea? I like the concept of having it look like a comic page. For the bedroom design, it was animated I must say...

Braxton and Yancey said...

I think Lichtenstein was the root thought. Love the heroic look and the pop art of comics and manga. Glad you enjoyed! Shine On! Brax

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