Tuesday, July 5, 2011


We hope all of our American friends had a wonderful long 4th of July weekend.
The red geraniums on my front porch.
Braxton and I spent the weekend at home, savoring the moment, taking in a movie*, enjoying the backyard, and thinking about Paris.  A lot.

Red, white, and blue cupcakes as seen through my glass cake stand.

My new sofa pillows.  I really think I should go back and get the blue ones as well.
 On Saturday we did a little indulgent shopping.....
RL BLUE for him - D&G LT. BLUE for moi.

 We rarely drink soft drinks (which is what we call "soda" or "pop" here in the south) but for some reason this weekend we gave into temptation.

 The bounty of our gloriously summer-y back yard.

Our little tomatoes.

Our apple tree.
 I have no idea what the following is..... but isn't it fantastic?  Alien like, even?

*Yesterday (Monday) we went to our favorite independent movie theater and saw my new favorite movie....   Midnight in Paris.  Have you seen it yet?   Really you must.  It's wonderful, and it will either remind you of the trip you once took, or will get you planning your future trip.  I promise.

Have a beautiful day.

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