Thursday, July 21, 2011

Storyboarding Vampire Home Decor - Modern, Eclectic, and Opulent

Decorating with a Vampire's Flair

It's been a fantastic week of digging into Vampire Decor as a muse. Found so much material it seems we could spend a month on it, and still have material to spare!

There are a LOT of  ways to go at a Vampire Vibe in your decorating, including Old World Old School Bloodsuckers, Nouveau Vamps, Parisian Underworld, College B-Movie Poster Dorm, using Cathedral inspired symbology, New Orleans/Anne Rice Vamp, Transyvanian/Romanian inspired, etc. but for purposes of this post, and for documenting our muses on what could one day become a fashion or home decor collection, I've created 3 categories that seem to fit pretty well -- Modern, Eclectic/Transitional (with elements of Modern and Traditional), and Opulent/Classical.

What follows are a LOT of pictures as muse for each category for us to use as a jumping off point for decorating and designing home fashion with a Vampire inspired vibe. Let me know what you think.

Hope you enjoy!
Rock On!

The Storyboard...

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The Storyboard...

The Storyboard...

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Room Designer said...

An Innovative theme for decorating the House - VAMPIRE !!!

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