Friday, July 22, 2011


Remember earlier in the week when we were introduced to max and sophia?  If you recall we spent a lovely few minutes playing in sophia's closet, trying on her shoes and what not.  Well, it's max's turn, and while not unusual for a married couple, max doesn't have quite the number of clothes as his wife.  Still......... 
This stern looking young man is wearing a smoking jacket, something which should be in every vampires wardrobe.

Again with the red and black.

Remember, vamps love military inspiration.

Check out the dramatic red slash and the military inspired braiding on the jacket.

Vamps (and the wives who love them) get weak at the knees over a black knee length over coat.  Swoon.

No man, vampire or not, can go wrong dressing like Mr. Tom Ford.

Am I right?

An unusual addition of blue in Max's wardrobe, but then he does love to keep us guessing.
You can probably tell that Braxton and I have had a blast this week.  It's been good sexy fun to immerse ourselves in the (under)world of Vampires.  What have we learned?
  • Braxton has shown us three distinctly different decorating styles....Modern, eclectic and opulent....and how the vampire muse can be incorporated effectively in each.
  • The vamps favorite colors are; black, blood red, grey, white, gemstone, silver and gold.
  • They love velvet, marble, stone, silk, fur, leather, satin and crystal
  • They decorate with mirrors, sensuous fabrics, horns, candles, lace, monograms and deep cushions and pillows
  • How to tell a sexy vampire from a bitey vampire.
Most importantly, I hope we've shown you that it's possible to take a muse, any muse (elephants, polka dots, your duckie and bunny collection...) and allow it to influence your decor and sartorial choices in ways that are not costumy or overtly theatrical.  If you need ideas on how to imcorporate your own muse into your home or closet please drop us a line.

We've had fun, but its time to move on.  Join us next week when we spin ourselves in a completely new direction, not a fang or bloody neck in sight.
Have a beautiful weekend, everyone.

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