Monday, July 11, 2011


Our weekend was hot hot hot!  But we didn't let the weather keep us from our beloved outdoors.  We did a little yard work.......
See the dogwood tree to the right of the garden gate?
Now you see it......

 Now you don't.
  We really hate to lose a tree - but Mr. Dogwood there had outgrown his space and whenever I looked out of my kitchen window all I could see was that tree.  Now, all I can see is that other tree. 
 We also took a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  (By now you probably know how we feel about the glorious BRP - we really can't get enough.)

 This is MY LAKE.  I call it LAKE YANCEY , but others insist on calling it Lake Abbot. Oh well, as long as they are respectful of my lake I guess I'll let them stay.
Lake Abbot Yancey may just be my favorite place in the world.
 How many tomato sandwiches have you eaten this summer?  That many?  Me too!  God I love summer.
  I leave you with the most gorgeous front door in the whole wide world.  Courtesy of decor hero Miles Redd. Mr. Redd, you have infected me with a raging case of honey, let's paint the front door......again.   Sorry dear, but here we go again.
Hope you all had a BEAUTIFUL weekend.

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