Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sandy Skoglund – Photographer, Sculptor, Installation Artist

Surrealistic Room Décor that Rocks Monochrome and Contrast

I bumped into Sandy the other day as I was trolling the Googlesphere for humor in Décor. I found and featured a few of her works, not knowing at the time who had created such wondrous masterpieces of saturated color! My dear daughter clued me in on her name and I researched her more fully and was hooked!

Sandy Skoglund began working as a conceptual artist in 1972 in NYC. She taught herself photography and experimented with themes of repetition, according to Wikipedia. Her elaborate work can take months to complete and use an abundance of an object, and often of monochrome or contrasting color. She also uses live models as part of her work. She studied studio art and art history at Smith College, later art history at the Sorbonne and Ecole du Louve in Paris, France, and got her MFA at University of Iowa in 1969.

I’m not an art historian by any stretch, so I’ll not attempt to critique or explain her work. I’m just a bloke who loves art, and I know what I like. Not that I’m opinionated about it or anything, as my Darling Yancey can attest : ). Right. Anyway, my diabolical plan is to design and invent home fashion that merges art and décor. I would love to create work of our own design – roomscapes, furniture, home décor that is elevated to the art you live in. In Sandy Skoglud’s work I find inspiration for such a fusion of art and home décor.

What I love about her work is the saturated color and bold use of contrast, the surrealism, the humor, and the snapshot of life frozen in time. I would like to think her work, from a home décor perspective, can help free us from the tyranny of the boring, the mundane, the mindnumbing PotteryBarnesque grey’s and beiges in home décor, and gives us permission to rock some truly amazing color in our rooms.

Viva la Extreme Design!

Hope you enjoy.
Shine On! Braxton

You are what you eat :)

G W Bush's wetdream :)

Cocktail Party

Radioactive Cats

Revenge of the Rose Zombies :)

Wow! Fantastic Work Sandy!

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