Wednesday, August 10, 2011


 When looking for a modern day muse for mid century chic, one need look no further than our very own first lady...Michelle Obama.  This lovely lady really gets it right.  She understands her figure type, knows what looks great with her skin coloring, and is fearless when it comes to color.  I stand in awe.  Really.
This dress is so very Joan.  I suspect Joan would have chosen a different color, but is this great on Mrs. O or what?

This dress definitely vibes the MAD MEN look.  No sleeves, simple neckline, fitted, defined waistline, I suspect knee length, saturated color.  If I had arms like that, I'd never wear sleeves again! 
 I love this picture of the two of them.  Michelle is obviously loyal to this look... again, sleeveless, fitted, belted (her signature, remind you of anyone?), knee length, kitten heels.  All that's missing are the pearls.

I absolutely love this look on her.  The matching coat and dress simply screams mid century.  I remember this was designed by Isabella Toledo, one of my favorites.
 Look who else wears a matching coat and dress.....
Bobbie Barrett from Mad Men.
Do I spot a trend?
I realize the comparison has already been made a thousand times, but it's just too obvious to ignore.  Michelle Obama is quite inspired by another lovely first lady....Mrs. John F. Kennedy.  Behold...
With a little help from her favorite American designer, Oleg Cassini, Mrs. Kennedy became a style icon for a generation, and beyond.  One need only to look at Michelle O's wardrobe to see how far reaching JK's influence actually was.
If you scroll back up a few you will see a very very similar dress on Mrs. Obama.  Two great ladies, same great taste.
Lets take a moment to discuss the genius of this particular mid century style.  Obviously Mrs. O and Mrs. K have similar body types...tall, athletic, angular.  I, on the other hand, am petite, athletic, and curvy, yet, I could (with a wee bit of tailoring) step right into either of these women's wardrobes.  Almost anyone could.  In fact the only body type that would have difficulty with this style is the exaggerated apple, or someone who's waist is larger than their bust or hips.  I also believe that not only could most women wear this style but they would in fact be flattered by it.  Short, tall, angular, curvy.....the style is almost universally flattering.
I include this picture because I think it is the loveliest one ever taken of her.  I wonder what she's thinking here?
It's unmistakable....they even have the same hairdo.

Notice the dress on the bottom row, second from the left........
Now look forward to the next picture of Betty Draper.  Can you believe it? 

Michelle Obama is obviously taken with the mid century style, a la Mad Men and Jackie Kennedy.  Have you tried it?  You should. 

Have a  beautiful day.

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