Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Pitch for a MadMen inspired Collection of Furniture and Home Decor

Bringing Mid-Century Modern to the Masses

Yancey and I are working, not only on Mid-Century Modern as a muse, but also on pitching it as a furniture collection to anyone who will listen. We've immerced ourselves in Mid-Century and Danish Modern and Mod for over a year now and we are hooked!

Our passion for this category actually came 1st. Our awareness of the show came second and fanned the flame of our interest to the point where we've remodelled our beloved AcornHill over past year with Mid-Century and Danish Modern furniture, ashtrays, glassware, barwear, tablewear, decorative glass, jewelry, lamps, and clothes! It's been a lot of fun.

Most of this blog has been devoted to this Mid-Century Modern and Mod adventure.

The opportunity is this. Almost everything we found for our home has been thrifted. And with the growing popularity of the style, it becomes harder to find these pieces, and if you find them, they are one of a kind and increasingly expensive.

There are some retro reproductions out there, particularly Herman-Miller chairs sold by Room and Board, but there is a fantastic opportuity for a full line furniture company to adopt this style and run with it. It would be fantastic as well to develop a full line of upholstery and home decor to go with this style. How much fun is that?!

We've been tapping on a lot of doors pitching ModHome for some time, and, although it is a great idea, it appears to be quite a stretch for most furniture manufacturers. They agree it's a great concept, but to get the price right for GenXY, it may require a direct to the consumer model, not distribution through existing furniture stores, which is a challenge. It will happen eventually, but not now. Not, at least until we find an industry partner with low hangers or a fat bank account to develop the concept.

A MadMen inspired Mid-Century Modern collection is another story entirely. As a more historically oriented style category, it can be distributed through the existing dealer base, OR, if IKEA, Pottery Barn, or other direct to the consumer companies were interested, it could certainly be sold directly. It just has more flexibility and can appeal to Boomers as well as GenXY. Much more of a sure thing!

Anyway, here's the pitch, a short dog and pony show, to start the dialog. Wish us luck!!! Hope you enjoy! And let us know if we can help you develop this concept or ModHome for that matter. Both would be awesome and so on trend.

Shine On!

Picture this as a slide show or powerpoint...

YOUR Sales team...

YOUR Sales team on MadMen. Any questions? :)...

LET's jump on the bandwagon, shall we?

MadMen audience a great target...

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