Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Yesterday we talked about steampunk in terms of historical definition.  Today let's talk about steampunk in terms of fashion.  First of all ; what is steampunk fashion?    The following few pictures are examples of blatant steampunk.....

Common elements:  black leather, tight leather straps on jackets and shoes, heavy metal..usually gold or brass, hats, Victorian style, corsetry, stockings, white ruffles and petticoats, military styling..... 
 These first few photos are staged pictures depicting steampunk style.

I always love the red/black combination.  The details in this are so amazing it makes me realize that steampunkers are true artists. 
 Yes, this is Daphne Guiness from French Vogue, and she looks dang steampunk to me.
The following pictures were all found in the September issue of American Vogue.  Just an example of how easy it would be to add steampunk elements to a modern wardrobe.  No need to go full on steampunk, unless that's what you want, you can add bits and pieces as you wish.
Notice all the gold jewelry, especially the superhero cuffs.

The distressed looks of this leather along with the brass detailing says steampunk to me. 
 Military inspired jacket with leather straps.
A fun pseudo Victorian outfit.

Notice the gold heels and leather straps.  Lovely. 
 Heavy metal details on leather.
Three buckles and leather straps.  Steampunk or overkill?

 Another military inspired coat with brass buttons and a leather belt.
Lovely Victorian inspiration. 
 Love the boots in this pic, but notice the metal details behind and around her, very very steampunk.

Is anyone else planning to check out Karl Lagerfeld for macy's?  Leave it to the Kaiser to dress his model in tight leather arm bands. 

Black leather corsetry.

Mostly, I just happen to love this picture...notice the military inspired dress and the bracelet. 

This one is truly a screamer, everything about this bracelet says steampunk.

Mr. Galliano here is a lot of things, could one of them be steampunk?
I've had lots of fun with this muse already, and it's only Tuesday.
Will YOU be adding any steampunk elements to your fall wardrobe?
Do you wear any steampunk elements now?
Have a beautiful day.

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Braxton and Yancey said...

Love the first 5 pics. Sexy and theatrical. So on this story! Brax

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