Wednesday, August 31, 2011


On Monday I posted a list of Steampunk movies.  Today I would like to show you stills from some of the ones I mentioned  along with some new ones...
Last night Braxton and I saw The Golden Compass for the billionth time.  Let me show you why....
This is the Golden Compass itself, a true work of steampunk art.  There is just so much happening here, notice the extravagant compass mechanisms and the dial which is back lit.  Beautiful.

A fine example of steampunk lighting.

The outside of the compass.  You really can't see it here, but the case has some very detailed etching.

A beautiful steampunk window.

This picture, and the following three, are from the movie Wild Wild West.  I don't remember the television show which was apparently popular when I was growing up, but the movie is pure steampunk.

A steam powered wheel chair.

This picture, and the next, are from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.  While the movie is not entirely steampunk, elements are, and who doesn't enjoy Sean Connery?

The character of Dorian Grey, on the left, makes this movie soooo worth it.
The original 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and the first movie I remember as a kid.

Elements of Edward Scissorhands are quite steampunk.


Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.  Air ships are very steampunk*.

Batman.  Braxton could tell you which one this is....but I have no idea.

My favorite of the bunch, Sherlock Holmes.

Mad Eye Moody from Harry Potter sports a very steampunk eye.

The original Time Machine.
Hopefully these stills from movies have helped us define steampunk style.  Remember,  the vibe is of a time when the steam engine ruled and the aesthetic tends toward Victorian/Edwardian with lots of metal work and leather.  Though it's not exactly my personal style, I can appreciate the beauty, craftsmanship, and true art of this look, and would love the find a way to bring elements into my own home and closet.                    

*Would someone please come up with a synonym for steampunk?  If this week were a drinking game and we all had to take a shot every time I write "steampunk"....we would all be on the floor by now! 

Have a beautiful day.


Anonymous said...

Not Batman, the picture is from Watchmen.

Braxton and Yancey said...

You are right! Good catch! Great antihero movie! Brax

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