Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Wallpaper seems to be making a comeback, and it's being used in every room in the house, but not necessarily on every wall..... 
I love the freshness of this print, it's daisies after all, but imagine how oppressive it would be if they applied it to all four walls.  I love that they placed the paper behind the bed where it can take the place of a headboard, brilliant!
Not quite certain if this is paper or someone painted it on, and it's definitely not my style, but I admire the boldness of the proportion.  Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

Surely this is vintage, but I can imagine it in a modern kitchen in place of a back splash.
 Perfect for a kids room or playroom.....but can't you see this in a laundry room?

This I love.  The subtle color of the metallic paper makes this usable on all four walls.  I love that they took it one step further with the addition of the huge pink flower, then showed great restraint by not using a red/pink rug or hand towel.
 The following pictures are from the book PATTERN by Tricia Guild.  If you are searching for unusual floral inspiration look no further than Ms. Guild...
Tricia Guild is the queen of over sized damask and she always rocks it in modern colors.  Obviously here, she has used black and white, so fresh and modern. 
Another signature of hers is the use of two different curtain panels on one window.  Notice how she pulls colors from each panel for the other, yet they are so very different.  Formal, but surely not your grandmothers curtains! 

 If you are not familiar with Tricia Guild, she is the founder of Designers Guild, and a London based designer since the 1970's.  She is known for her bold use of color and for taking traditional patterns and giving them a modern twist.  Oh, and she has written twelve books in her spare time.
Notice how she has framed the wallpaper, which has created a paneled effect, then painted some areas a vibrant pink.

This seem unusually light and sketchy for her, perfect for quiet places like bedrooms. 

 Every time I open this book, I'm blown away by Tricia Guild's creative genius, and I want to live in her rooms.  Her work shows a respect for the past, but at the same time is boldly modern.  How does she do that?

I love the idea of old fashioned handwork, re-issued in modern scale and color.

Cut-velvet in a bright modern blue used to upholster traditional arm chairs....  Love, love ,love!
I hope you've enjoyed these unusual floral patterns as much as I have.
Have a beautiful day.

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